Welcome to my new website where you can finally learn how to draw skulls. All that’s required is motivation and urge for drawing a skull, any skull that is. My site is serious and want to really teach others how to draw skulls. However, it will take a while for website updates and new website drawing tutorials because I have a job. I’m looking forward in my website’s promotion because I really want some subscribers and comments. I want to interact with others so bad. You can help by subscribing and sharing my site on Digg, Reddit, or Mixx. You can even share it on Google Buzz.

We don’t have any advanced program to share drawing unique drawing tutorials, but till then we would love to share some videos that we find on YouTube. Hopefully we’ll find an artist to draw out some drawing tutorials for us. We currently can’t afford to hire and artist, so we would appreciate it if you could donate a drawing tutorial or even share a tutorial. We will sponsor your work of course by adding a link to your Deviantart page or Dragoart page. Whatever your known for at a certain site we will link to your profile.

Okay so now you know all about us and how we role. You can contact us by using the contact page. If you have any ideas of what we could do for our website, please contact. Thank you and enjoy our site.

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