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How to Draw A Tribal Skull

Another update for a website for DrawSkull, and in this tutorial, we will be learning how to draw a tribal skull. A great tutorial from Dragoart because as I always say, “It’s noob friendly.” Drawing a tribal skull could be useful when your a tattoo artist. Tattoo artist draw these skulls all the time. Well, let’s just say tribal designs are popular and are labeled as pop culture. Well anyway, the first one is from YouTube, also very useful. Now I’m not saying that Dragoart is the only site you’ll find tutorials, but YouTube as well. You got to understand though, Dragoart is the ONLY high quality drawing website. PERIOD! Anyway, enjoy the tutorials.

This one is from YouTube, obviously. It’s decent and think you’ll like it. If you want to watch it on YouTube, here’s the link: How to Draw a Tribal Skull; YouTube. Enjoy the video!

How to Draw a Tribal Skull

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How to Draw A Chibi Skull

Alright, time to update the tutorial, how to draw a chibi skull. I feel fresh updating the site, which means this tutorial will as well be called fresh even though it’s old. I do have tutorials that I’ve found on the web, and they are interesting for viewing. They help a lot, and when I say they, I mean 2 tutorials. One from YouTube and one from Dragoart. I love Dragoart and this site has nothing but tutorials from Dragoart. The tutorials shouldn’t be as hard as you think. What really messes me up when trying to draw one is that I always forget the cheek. The check is something that I can’t draw for some reason because of it’s curved shape, but everyone is different, I don’t know about you. So let’s begin with the tutorials that I have specially found for you guys.

First one is from YouTube – an awesome place for video sharing. This tutorial is the same as the drawing tutorial from Dragoart. I know, they are the same for one reason only; there were no drawing videos on YouTube that teaches you how to draw a chibi skull but this one. Oh well, enjoy it I guess. If you want to view the video, here’s the link: How to Draw a Chibi Skull; YouTube.

Now that you’ve viewed the video, it’s time to view the drawing tutorial from Dragoart. Simple as it should be, drawing a chibi skull is not hard to learn at all. If you want to view this tutorial on Dragoart, here’s the link: How to Draw a Chibi Skull; Dragoart. Enjoy!

How to Draw a Chibi Skull

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How to Draw A Skull

I have been checking out all of my websites and noticed that this was the only site I forgot about; I know, how could I? This site needed to be updated not with other artists drawing tutorials, but with my own. I have created this simple drawing tutorial on how to draw a skull. It’s simple and could help you a bit on how to draw skulls. Now before you start, I would like to explain the steps.

Step one, draw out your guidelines as I did below. Drawing guidelines helps a ton, and also makes drawing easier. Step two, start drawing the head lining; remember I show you how below. Step three, draw the eyes and nose; be sure to stay in proportion. Step four, draw some detail; cheekbone mark, jaw structure detail, and shading. Step five, wrap it up. Everything is finished. You are now ready to draw a skull on your own. Use my drawing tutorial below if you want a little help.

How to Draw A Skull

That’s all I have to show for drawing a skull. You can learn how to draw lot’s of other skulls here for free. Just be sure to leave a comment to share your thoughts or even share this website to others. More people more fun! Just in case you wanted to view a different drawing tutorial, I would like to share a drawing video that I’ve found on YouTube that could probably help you out a bit. I pick the finest drawing tutorials from the web and make pretty decent/simple ones as well. I think the YouTube video would help a lot more. Why not watch it now?

Also check out this awesome drawing tutorial found on a website called Dragoart. If you want to view the tutorial on the site, click here: how to draw a skull. Other than that, enjoy their drawing tutorial below.

How to Draw A Skull - Dragoart

Fantastic/perfect drawing tutorial for learning how to draw a skull isn’t it? I thought so and I know you think so. Also, I’m planning on creating more of my own drawing tutorials like I did with this one. I really hope more people start visiting this website. I love it when people love what I do. I love helping and they love learning, and hopefully you do too.

~ SkullBoyz101

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