How to Draw A Chibi Skull

Alright, time to update the tutorial, how to draw a chibi skull. I feel fresh updating the site, which means this tutorial will as well be called fresh even though it’s old. I do have tutorials that I’ve found on the web, and they are interesting for viewing. They help a lot, and when I say they, I mean 2 tutorials. One from YouTube and one from Dragoart. I love Dragoart and this site has nothing but tutorials from Dragoart. The tutorials shouldn’t be as hard as you think. What really messes me up when trying to draw one is that I always forget the cheek. The check is something that I can’t draw for some reason because of it’s curved shape, but everyone is different, I don’t know about you. So let’s begin with the tutorials that I have specially found for you guys.

First one is from YouTube – an awesome place for video sharing. This tutorial is the same as the drawing tutorial from Dragoart. I know, they are the same for one reason only; there were no drawing videos on YouTube that teaches you how to draw a chibi skull but this one. Oh well, enjoy it I guess. If you want to view the video, here’s the link: How to Draw a Chibi Skull; YouTube.

Now that you’ve viewed the video, it’s time to view the drawing tutorial from Dragoart. Simple as it should be, drawing a chibi skull is not hard to learn at all. If you want to view this tutorial on Dragoart, here’s the link: How to Draw a Chibi Skull; Dragoart. Enjoy!

How to Draw a Chibi Skull

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