How to Draw A Skull

I have been checking out all of my websites and noticed that this was the only site I forgot about; I know, how could I? This site needed to be updated not with other artists drawing tutorials, but with my own. I have created this simple drawing tutorial on how to draw a skull. It’s simple and could help you a bit on how to draw skulls. Now before you start, I would like to explain the steps.

Step one, draw out your guidelines as I did below. Drawing guidelines helps a ton, and also makes drawing easier. Step two, start drawing the head lining; remember I show you how below. Step three, draw the eyes and nose; be sure to stay in proportion. Step four, draw some detail; cheekbone mark, jaw structure detail, and shading. Step five, wrap it up. Everything is finished. You are now ready to draw a skull on your own. Use my drawing tutorial below if you want a little help.

How to Draw A Skull

That’s all I have to show for drawing a skull. You can learn how to draw lot’s of other skulls here for free. Just be sure to leave a comment to share your thoughts or even share this website to others. More people more fun! Just in case you wanted to view a different drawing tutorial, I would like to share a drawing video that I’ve found on YouTube that could probably help you out a bit. I pick the finest drawing tutorials from the web and make pretty decent/simple ones as well. I think the YouTube video would help a lot more. Why not watch it now?

Also check out this awesome drawing tutorial found on a website called Dragoart. If you want to view the tutorial on the site, click here: how to draw a skull. Other than that, enjoy their drawing tutorial below.

How to Draw A Skull - Dragoart

Fantastic/perfect drawing tutorial for learning how to draw a skull isn’t it? I thought so and I know you think so. Also, I’m planning on creating more of my own drawing tutorials like I did with this one. I really hope more people start visiting this website. I love it when people love what I do. I love helping and they love learning, and hopefully you do too.

~ SkullBoyz101

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